Parents Sue LA Teachers Union and LAUSD

Our friends from The Freedom Foundation announced a personal-injury lawsuit alleging that UTLA(the kooky LA teachers union) is harming students by keeping schools closed. Attorney Timothy Snowball, civil rights attorney with Freedom Foundation, talked to John & Ken to discuss the merits of this lawsuit.

From the Freedom Foundation:

The Los Angeles Unified School District and the union representing its 30,000 teachers both cite concern for the safety of the district’s 600,000 students among the principal reasons the nation’s second-largest school district still has not yet re-opened for in-school learning.
But according to a lawsuit filed on March 30 by a collection of local parents, the current arrangement is inflicting far greater damage to their children’s health than the risk of catching COVID-19 if and when the schools re-open.
The suit, which names the Los Angeles Unified School District, the United Teachers of Los Angeles (UTLA) and its president, Cecily-Myart Cruz, as defendants, was filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court by four sets of parents represented by the Freedom Foundation, a national public policy watchdog organization specializing in government union abuses.
The plaintiffs allege their children have “variously become suicidal, isolated, depressed, addicted, obese and had their future prosperity needlessly imperiled,” because of the prolonged absence from the classroom.

Parents have been pleading for action from LAUSD, UTLA, Garcetti, Governor Dippity Do and the CA legislature. This lawsuit can finally put some heat on these hacks to get our kids back in school immediately.


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