Alabama Bed and Breakfast Sign Lost in Hurricane and Washed Up in Texas

A barrier island in Alabama was swamped by rising seawater and falling rain during Hurricane Sally on September 16.

According to Fox News the hurricane dumped as much as 30 inches of torrential rainfall on the heart of Dixie and pummeled the coast with fierce winds. Wreckages from fallen trees and splintered homes were scattered about the area, but one piece of debris was cast further than the rest.

Chrissy Shahankary was looking for seashells on the beach on Padre Island National Sea Shore in Texas recently, when she found a sign from a bed and breakfast on Dauphin Island about 800 miles away.

"As we were going down my husband spotted something floating face down in the water. There's tons of debris down there. We didn't know what it could possibly be. So, he goes out in the water and brings it back and it's this beautiful sign. The only thing that was wrong with it was it was covered in shells and mussels." Shahankary said

She found the owners of the bed and breakfast called "Harbor House" on social media and informed them of her find.

"She found us on Facebook with our Facebook page and sent me a message that they had found it. I thought it was gone for good. You got to remember, it left here, had to leave here and go down to Mobile Bay, out of the sound off Bayou la Batre, in the Gulf of Mexico, around the tip of Louisiana and then St. Padre." said owners Julie and Bill Lindsey

The sign was special to the Lindsey family as it helped drive business from seafarers in boasts cruising from the marina. Chrissy could not fit it in her car because it is 7ft long and 4ft wide, weighing about 90 pounds. It was last seen being held by a man at the beach.

"I'm hoping that the gentleman took this sign home and not to the dump. I would love to see Julie get her sign back," Chrissy said.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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