Are You Dealing With a Narcissists?

Did you know narcissism and financial abuse go hand in hand? Narcissists tend to focus on extrinsic motivators like money and rewards, rather than personal growth and fulfillment.

According to PsychologyToday money and material wealth are highly important to narcissists, so they often become a focal point of their relationship, sometimes resulting in financial abuse. Some forms of financial abuse, like lying about pay or hours worked, can be convert or hard to detect, others like controlling a partners spending are more obvious. Anyone who is a victim of financial abuse should immediately seek help.

Does money make the world go round more than love? Money is what keeps us clothed and fed and ensures a roof over our heads and gas in our vehicles. Although money provides a lot of good it is also the cause of a lot of stress, when bills are due, the furnace breaks, or we lose a steady paycheck.

Non-narcissistic people aim to find meaning and personal fulfillment in a job as well as a good wage, while narcissists lack that inner drive. Wealth and prosperity are often inflated with narcissists much like their ego. Narcissists have no misgivings or regrets over destroying another person's property. In fact it makes them feel powerful. They never offer to pay for or replace what they destroyed. Instead they attempt to shame you for forcing them to act the way they did.

Another way they exercise financial abuse is by refusing to contribute to shared expenses, repairs, or utilities. This same narcissists will also most likely have a secret bank account, while shaming their partner for their spending habits.

Many narcissists are unable to have true relationships with other people. Friends, lovers, children, and even parents are just means to an end. What a narcissist can get out of the relationship is paramount to the relationships purpose. If you are feeling used or abused by anyone you have a relationship with, they may be a narcissist and you can get out!

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