Countdown To Closing Echo Park Lake For Cleanup

This pic above is how beautiful Echo Park Lake in L.A. should look like. Today, Echo Park Lake looks like a zombie homeless warzone. Feces, tents, trash, mud,clothes and syringes have replaced grass and flowers. John & Ken had quite a discussion with a woman/activist named Zarinah Williams, president of the Echo Park Neighborhood Council. Just to be clear, Neighborhood Councils in the city of LA are in place to represent residents, businesses and taxpayers and play an "advisory" role for these areas.

Zarinah explained her displeasure for the Echo Park Lake cleanup this way:

"Echo Park Lake, situated on Tongva Land, has been a haven of this community since its development and should remain a free and accessible place for members of this community who need it for solace, leisure or survival,'' Zarinah Williams, president of the Echo Park Neighborhood Council, said in a statement to City News Service. "We do not feel that $500,000 in restorative landscaping is a priority endeavor given layered consequences of displacement and criminalization of our residents.''

What a lunatic! She considers these filthy homeless squatters as "residents" !

Listen to John & Ken talk to Zarinah and hear her baffling reasons why she thinks this cleanup plan needs to be stopped. By the way, Zarinah Williams identifies herself as "(she/her)"....woke to the extreme.

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