Save Echo Park Lake L.A.

Have you ever been to Echo Park Lake in L.A.? Echo Park Lake was a very beautiful area on the outskirts of DTLA. Built in the late 1900's, Echo Park Lake is still a very important part of the Los Angeles ecosystem.

But Echo Park Lake is beautiful no more. The park has been overrun by homeless tents, RV's and riff raff doing despicable actions in broad daylight.

This thursday, the city of LA is planning to close the park, put up fencing and clean up the entire 33 acre area.

El Segundo Times put out this story:

Under a veil of secrecy, Los Angeles city officials and homeless services providers are rushing to move as many homeless people as possible from Echo Park Lake this week in advance of an expected sweep to remove more than 100 tents and fence the entire park for repairs.
City Councilman Mitch O’Farrell, who has said he planned to close the park, has declined to confirm the timetable, but a source with direct knowledge of the process told The Times that the city plans to clear the encampment Thursday, fence the park and close it for renovations.

Residents of Echo Park Lake have contacted the John & Ken Show and are desperate for help since LA hack officials have waited far too long to take action.

Echo Park Lake resident Riley Montgomery put up a petition to make officials aware that residents are upset and want these people OUT indefinitely.

Riley has nearly 5000 supporters of his petition, you should be one too.

Riley talked to John & Ken about how Echo Park Lake has turned into an LA nightmare.

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