Faithful Pooch Stops Traffic To Help Her Human!

Haley Moore was walking her one-and-a-half-year old Pooch, Clover, when she had a seizure. 

She could only remember waking up in an ambulance, confused as to what had happened.

But a neighbor’s security camera caught Clover in an act of heroism. The doggo ran into the street to block an approaching truck, forcing the driver to stop. 

"It was really impressive, the dog actually blocked my way. She kind of backed into the road to block my truck," said the driver, Dryden Oatway.

The 21-year-old got out to help Haley; with Clover standing watch. Only when a second person stopped to help did Clover run home and alert the family, who followed her back to the scene where Haley was already in an ambulance being treated by paramedics. 

Haley’s father, Randall, only had one tiny disappointment, and I quote:

"My wife Diane comes home with a couple of big steaks and I thought 'Wow, this is great, I’m getting a big steak' and she said, 'No, it’s for Clover for doing such a great job.’"

Photo by Martin Finnucane on Unsplash

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