Kidney 4 Debra

Meet Debra Starr-Knecht. She is a 66 year old Pasadena grandmother who is suffering from stage 5 kidney failure. Debra is currently on a 4-6 year waiting list and doubts she can sustain life if she does not find a donor sooner.

Instead of waiting for the donor to appear, Debra and her family are using social media and even wave a flag on the Palms Boulevard overpass of the 405 freeway to find a donor. Debra will go to any length to find a donor and survive this struggle. She is registered at the UCLA Transplant Center.

John & Ken want you to know about her story and how you can help save her life.

Listen to John & Ken talk to Debra about the urgency of her campaign to find a kidney donor.

Here is how you can help Debra find a donor.

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