UPS Driver Is Super Cool, Much Loved!

Let’s talk about this UPS Driver named Chad Turns. He’s the kind of guy who goes out of his way to help. Like the time he was delivering what he assumed was a gift and came back later to deliver it because the kids were playing in the yard and he didn’t want them to see it. Or the time he traveled to the home of a customer’s parents because he had a package that needed to be signed for and nobody was home at the customer’s house.

His time and care have not gone unnoticed.

The people in the neighborhood got a fellow UPS employee to help with a fake pick up ruse at a municipal building. Instead of a package, Turns was met by dozens of folks cheering and clapping and waving homemade thank you signs. Oh, and an envelope with the 1,000 bucks they had raised in an hour.

Yes, he cried.

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