#SmallBusinessShoutout -- Banded Masculine

The ongoing Covid situation has affected local small businesses and many are struggling to stay open. In an effort to help those small businesses survive, we are featuring them in a segment we call #SmallBusinessShoutout!

Today, we'd like to introduce you to BANDEDmasculine!

Chris Lavoie is the man behind BANDEDmasculine.

If you ask him to describe himself he'd say: Radio guy. Competitive bodybuilder. Disney parks nut. Oxford commua user. Bon vivant. Maker of masculine stuff!

The 'maker of masculine stuff' came out of a specific need. Chris says:

"I decided to start BANDEDmasculine because I liked burning candles, but noticed that there weren't a whole lot of masculine scents out there. I did some research into how to make candles, and was able to make some candles that I would want... in metal containers without flowery packaging, in scents that I would really want in my house. They sold well, so I expanded into making soaps that I would actually want to use... and the rest is masculine history!"

Chris' products will delight you with scents like: Barbershop, Blood Orange, Cereal Milk, Toxic Masculinity, Campfire, Freshly Cut Grass, Leather, Hunting Lodge, Kentucky Bourbon, Cedar, Mojito, Maple Glazed Bacon, Glazed Donut, Black Coffee, Hot Buttered Popcorn, Fresh Linen, Lemon Sucker, Humidor, Margarita, Cucumber Martini, Library, Cookies & Freedom & more!

Chris joined us to talk about BANDEDmasculine...check out the interview below!

Check out their website and follow them on Instagram, Facebook @BandedMasculine

Follow Chris on Twitter @radioguychris

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