She's a Mom Again!

Wisdom the Laysan albatross in a mom, again.This happened at a wildlife refuge in the North Pacific Ocean

Laysan albatrosses usually only live for 12-40 years. But Wisdom was first identified by researchers in 1956, making her the world’s oldest known wild bird.

The father is Wisdom's partner, Akeakamai, who she has been with since 2012, Albatrosses usually mate for life, but it is believed Wisdom had other partners in the past that she outlived.

After hatching the chick, Wisdom returned to sea to forage while her hubby took over incubation duties. Albatross parents share incubation duties and once the chick hatches, share feeding duties too.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service believes Wisdom has had at least 30 chicks in her lifetime. Albatrosses only hatch one egg every few years.

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