Spying On Pigs Proves Prescient!

Look, I have misused the word "prescient" in the headline. This isn't a story about someone who knew in advance of an event. It's a story about a fortunate coincidence. But I like alliteration, so I took some liberties. Good luck finding a lawyer to litigate a ludicrous lawsuit about it.


Laura Palladino visited June Farms in NY state, and took a shine to a pair of pigs: Lucy and Ethel. So when she heard that the farm had put up a live streaming webcam, she logged on right away. Just in time to see that the pig’s barn was ON FIRE! Turns out Ethel had knocked over a heat lamp, igniting some straw.

Palladino immediately called 911 and word got to the farmers, who saved the pigs and the barn before any major damage could occur.

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