@DarkSecretPlace - Tucker Carlson vs. US Military

Dumpster Fire

Fox News' Tucker Carlson ruffled a few feathers Tuesday night, when offering his perspective on the US Military becoming too "feminine," triggering a Twitter feud with the II Marine Expeditionary Force.

The Fox News opinion host, known for sparking controversy, complained about, "Pregnant women are going to fight our wars... While China's military becomes more masculine as it has assembled the world's largest navy, our military needs to become—as Joe Biden says—more feminine."

The comments were generally met with scorn from the public. The II MEF, in an effort to defend their women soldiers, took aim at Carlson's opinion, posting a picture of a female soldier carrying a fellow Marine, with the caption, "What it looks like in today's armed forces@TuckerCarlson... Get right before you get left, boomer."

This response raised eyebrows, due to the fact that an official military twitter account fired shots at a clueless civilian. As a result, the II MEF offered an apology, stating in a tweet response to Fox 11's Bill Melugin, "We are human and we messed up. We intended to speak up for female Marines and it was an effort to support them. They are a crucial part to our corps and we need them to know that. We will adjust fire and ensure the utmost professionalism in our tweets."

On KFI AM640's Dark Secret Place, Bryan Suits offered his two cents.

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