What's Trending...AND WHY?

What's the Top 5 Trends on Twitter and why?

# 1 -DionneWarwick

Why? SNL did a skit where Dionne Warwick says she is the Queen of Twitter. @DionneWarwick posted a tweet that she writes bios for people's Twitter accounts
and people started asking her to write their bio. People were also trying to get her inducted into the Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame.

# 2 #TWUGS = Twitter Hugs

@DonnieWalhberg posted

WHY? I do believe it is Tuesday, which means it is the perfect time for some socially distant, virtual Twitter-Hugs, aka #TWUG’s! #TWUG time! Ready? Let’s go!

# 3 Ronaldo

Soccer Star Cristiano Ronaldo

WHY? Cristiano Ronaldo & Juventus exit Champions League at round of 16 stage for 2nd season in a row.

# 4 Porto

WHY? Juventus' Champions League dreams have once again gone down in flames. On Tuesday, Cristiano Ronaldo and company were knocked out in the round of 16 by heavy underdog Porto in a wild, frantic and tense match in Turin.

# 5 Mars Leonard

WHY? Mars Leonard is the Center for the NBA team Miami Heat

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