Event Planners: We Want To Start Up Again

The hypocrisy of California has shown its ugly head again.

The guidance just released states that you can now go to a MLB game or Disneyland beginning April 1st but receptions and private events are still not allowed or included in the guidance. 

Amy Ulkutekin, President of the California Association for Private Events explained to John & Ken the frustration of many in her industry who feel they can safely help people plan socially distanced weddings and events.

Amy feels that her industry was left out primarily because they do not have lobbyists and enough bribe money to get Sacramento hack legislators to pay attention to their business needs.

From the CAPE website:

We were the first to close and will be the last to reopen, which means we need to fight for our industry to stay afloat. Unfortunately there was not an organization specifically dedicated to supporting the unique challenges of the private events industry – so we banded together to create one. We are currently focused on the re-opening efforts for events in California and will also support additional initiatives as our industry faces them.

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