Beverly Hills jeweler talks about getting rolled for his $500k watch

These criminals are getting more and more fearless. There is crime everywhere. No one is safe.

From Lady Gaga's dog walker to rich dudes sporting fancy $500k watches, everyone is a target for daylight armed robbery.

These scumbag robbers are smart. They know that law enforcement is being run thin due to the pandemic and BLM nonsense. They also know that our LA County DA won't prosecute criminals. Game on !

From the LA Times:

When Lady Gaga’s dogwalker was shot in Hollywood last week as he tried to fend off assailants who stole two of the singer’s French bulldogs, the attack not only made international headlines, but fit into a local crime pattern raising alarm among Los Angeles police officials: More robbery victims being shot.
Calling it a “disturbing trend,” LAPD Asst. Chief Beatrice Girmala told the L.A. Police Commission this week that 18 robbery victims had been shot in L.A. through Tuesday, compared with just one such shooting during the same period last year. Of the 18 shootings, 14 occurred on city streets.

John and Ken talked to Beverly Hills jeweler Shay Belhassen who announced a $50k reward for the return of his $500k watch that was taken in broad daylight while he was having lunch al-fresco.

pics/Shay Belhassen

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