Save The Classic Cat Restaurant !

LA County has punished another local restaurant. This one is an iconic West Hollywood hot-spot called The Classic Cat.

Owner Donn Berdahl and their attorney Rod Pacheco talked to John & Ken about how LA County has shut them down and retaliated after they publicly fought to keep their spot open. LA County does not like the layout of their place even though they have a retractable roof that allows continuous air-flow.

(SUNSET STRIP, CA) -- A group of small investors had a dream: restoring The Classic Cat, an iconic Sunset Strip hotspot that honors the past but reflects the upscale destination that is West Hollywood today  Nestled on the storied Sunset Blvd. near legendary nightclubs Whisky a Go Go and The Viper Room, The Classic Cat has been a regular haunt for Hollywood stars.
Then, the #COVID-19 pandemic hit — a sure challenge for restaurants across the country. But, surviving the numerous challenges throughout the global pandemic paled in comparison to the arbitrary, bureaucratic nightmare that Los Angeles County and City of West Hollywood is now putting the restaurant — and so many other restaurants — through.
The restaurant has bent over backwards to please the county and city, in order to reach the goalposts that continue to move. A retractable roof in the restaurant creates a COVID-safe outdoor dining patio. The restaurant also added numerous protections including installing plexiglass and air ventilation improvements. All the while, unconstitutional shutdowns and restrictions prevail while government leaders and health inspectors issue arbitrary orders while also shielding health data from the public. Despite all of their efforts, The Classic Cat received a notice from a health inspector that they will face closure THIS FRIDAY, March 5th.

Today's update is that LA County has SHUTDOWN The Classic Cat. Listen to John & Ken talk to the owners and find out how you can help save The Classic Cat.

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