Man Who Had To Drop Out Of College Gives Back Big!

Look, I know I used a photo of a cute dog in a UPS uniform for this post, even though it has nothing to do with dogs. It does involve UPS though, and the dog is cute, so WHY NOT?

OK, on to the story:

Calvin E. Tyler Jr. enrolled at Morgan State College, a historically Black college in Baltimore way back in 1961. He couldn’t afford to stay, and left two years later to become one of the first 10 UPS drivers in Baltimore. He worked his way up at that company — eventually becoming senior vice president of operations and joining the board of directors. in 1998, he retired. Despite his great success, he never forgot his humble beginnings, or the financial struggles that keep so many from pursuing a higher education,

So in 2002, Tyler and his wife started a scholarship fund at what is now known as Morgan State University. In 2016, They donated $5 million, which was the largest donation in the school’s history.

And this week, the Tylers donated $20 million to increase the scholarship fund.

So far, over 200 students have benefited from the Tyler’s generosity.

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