Recall George Gascon Begins


The recall of George Gascon begins today !


The policies that Gascon have enacted are already proving to be shocking news to the voters of Los Angeles County. He didn't tell voters that a defendant's prior criminal history have no impact on how a pending case against that defendant would be treated. He didn't tell voters that he would order his prosecutors to violate the law. He didn't tell voters that he would silence respected long-time prosecutors in his office under the threat of demotion or removal and would populate his executive staff with unqualified persons with little to no relevant experience. He didn't tell voters that he would order sex crimes prosecutors to extend 6-year plea deals on rape cases when that rapist had already been convicted and incarcerated for two prior rapes. He didn't tell voters that he would order his prosecutors not to file hate crime allegations when crimes are motivated by bias against protected groups. And he didn't tell voters he would extend the same offer to a cartel drug dealer pumping 200 kilos of cocaine into our streets that he would to a drug user selling 2 grams of cocaine to support his habit.
Gascon did not disclose any of these things because if he had, Angelenos would not have voted him into office. It is time to end the bait and switch. It is time to remove George Gascon. We are committed to recalling George Gascon because he lied to the voters and implemented a series of irrational and dangerous policies.
Please join us in our efforts to recall George Gascon.

John & Ken talked to Steve Cooley and Christina Solano whose brother LA Deputy Sheriff Joseph Solano was murdered on-duty in 2019.

2021 is going to be a busy recall year !

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