Jenn Harris LA Times Senior Food Writer on a New For of Dine and Dash

Jenn Harris is the Senior Food Write for the LA Times, she's also hosts and produces "The Bucket List," "I Can Make That" and "What We're Into" video series.

Jenn recently wrote an article about a new form of "Dine and Dish" that restaurants are dealing with. Take a listen to Jenn and Neil talk about this new struggle restaurants are facing.

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Spoon by H, Yoonjin Hwang’s celebrated Korean restaurant in Fairfax, is closing. Business had been slow since the start of the pandemic, but last summer, Hwang said, she started to notice more people disputing charges and claiming missing items through delivery apps. The restaurant was bleeding money and she was spending hours on the phone with the people behind the apps, trying to dispute the chargebacks.
“We lost orders, time, precious ingredients, and the problems accumulated to the point where we just couldn’t stay in business anymore,” she said. “We’re losing money to these issues, despite all the evidence we provide.”

You can read the full article HERE

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