Goodbye to Editor Trevor Gerdes

As many of you may have gathered over the years, our little Wake Up Call crew is like a little family.

This iteration of the team with Jennifer, board op Jon, editor Trevor and myself have been together for close to four years.

During those years we have celebrated countless holidays, been to several work events and have spent a lot of time outside the station together.

So when Trevor told us he would be leaving at the end of the month, we all had a mix of emotions.

We were excited because he is leaving to pursue several of his passions, but we were sad to lose such an instrumental part of our team.

Trevor is not only KFI's assignment editor, meaning he is the one who works with our reporters for their stories, but he is also the overnight editor who handles almost all of the news writing for Wake Up Call.

Besides his stellar writing skills for Jen, Trevor has also been an integral part to my work as a producer for both Jennifer and Handel.

He has been at the ready during any breaking news situation with research, fact sheets and an ear to double check my own news judgement.

Beyond his work, he's also a genuinely lovely person with an unparalleled sense of humor!

We love you Trev! And I know I speak for a lot of people here when I say you'll be deeply missed!

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