Passenger Uses Pepper Spray on Airplane Preparing to Take Off

Some passengers on a flight from Florida to New Jersey were unhappy after their flight was delayed by a man discharging pepper spray onboard the plane.

According to Fox News the plane for United Flight 1061 from Fort Myers to Newark was taxiing and preparing to take off when a passenger said he accidentally hit the pepper spray on his keychain. Another passenger on the plane, Joseph Grande, said he could feel burning in his throat.

"Everybody started coughing, and during COVID everybody starts looking around. I grabbed my mask. My fiancé was still coughing, I still felt it. I was like, this isn't going away. So that's when we decided to hop off. " said Grande

Passengers were given the option to get off the plane or wait for the delayed flight. A United Airlines spokesperson said,

"The flight returned to the gate due to a disruptive incident involving a customer prior to take off. The flight safely departed shortly after."

The TSA agents missed the spray canister. Pepper spray is not permitted in carry-on bags. Passengers can bring one 4oz. container of mace or pepper spray in checked baggage, as long as it has a safety mechanism to prevent accidental discharge. The TSA agents at the airport were given a refresher course to ensure they can spot them in the future.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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