CHP Busts Driver With Creepy, Realistic Looking Carpool Mannequin

We've seen many stories where someone has tried to game the carpool system with a non-human passenger.

From blow-up dolls, to cardboard cut outs we thought we've seen it all.

However, this one may be the best! Or at the least the creepiest...

The California Highway Patrol busted a carpool driver in Baldwin Park and posted the passenger on their Facebook page.

The dummy is wearing a face mask, glasses and a baseball cap.

It and even has facial wrinkles and some graying hair.

Looks great and probably would have fooled the cops, however the tip-off came when the officer noticed one major thing...the passenger wasn't moving.

A stop confirmed the lack of life and the driver told the officer he had been driving with the dummy for over a year before getting pulled over.

The driver was ticketed for carpool violation.

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