Next Phase of Vaccine Eligibility for L.A. County Residents Begins Monday

LA Vaccination Sites Reopen After Midwest Winter Storms Delayed Shipments

Los Angeles County is looking to move forward into the next phase of vaccinations for California residents. Health officials say workers in education, food service, agricultural, and public safety will become eligible to get the COVID-19 vaccine starting Monday (March 1). The county said workers in the food and agriculture, education and childcare and emergency services and first responders, will be able to schedule a vaccine appointment.

Last week, the county had to briefly suspend appointments after inclement weather across the U.S. delayed shipments of the vaccine, forcing the closure of the city-run sites, including Dodger Stadium. Some 60,000 doses were delayed in Tennessee and Kentucky thanks to icy conditions that rolled across the Midwest last week. The super-vaccination sites were reopened on Tuesday after the delayed shipments arrived in L.A. earlier this week.

Health officials say the following people will become eligible for the vaccine on Monday:

Food & Agriculture

  • Food service workers
  • Food manufacturing
  • Grocery store workers
  • Grocery store workers (without pharmacies)
  • Animal agriculture workers including those involved in Vet health
  • Veterinarians
  • Food and Agriculture-associated Port and transportation workers

Education & Childcare

  • Teachers (K-12, Preschool)
  • Support staff (K-12, Preschool)
  • Childcare
  • Independent Schools
  • Junior Colleges
  • Colleges & Universities

Emergency Services & First Responders

  • Police/law enforcement officers
  • Emergency Management, Search and Rescue, Emergency and public safety communication centers, EOCs
  • National Security
  • Maritime and Aviation Response (TSA)
  • Corrections officers and workers
  • Courts/Legal Counsel & Prosecution
  • Campus and school police
  • Rehabilitation and Re-entry
  • Federal law enforcement agencies
  • Police, Fire and Ambulance Dispatchers
  • Security staff to maintain building access control and physical security measures
  • DCFS, APS (workers physically responding to abuse and neglect of children, elderly and dependent adults)

Those who wish to get the vaccine must register for an appointment at You must be prepared to show proof of identification and proof of employment in a qualifying sector within L.A. County. Vaccinations are free for those who register.

Photo: Getty Images

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