10-Year-Old Creates "Stick Library" for Dogs

Like most all of us, 10-year-old Jeremiah Carter likes to find projects to stay busy during quarantine...

But his latest project is going to the dogs!!!

After seeing a news story about someone building a "stick library" for dogs to keep their fetching sticks, Jeremiah was inspired to do the same. So Jeremiah and his father built their own "stick library" and placed it in their local dog park.

"We had to do a lot of measuring and figuring to cut the wood and put it all together," Jeremiah's father David Carter explained. "Plus Jeremiah got to use the power tools, which always makes it a good time."

When they checked on it, Jeremiah and his father were pleasantly surprised to see that the box had been used!

"It seems to be a good thing for the community," Jeremiah's father Carter said. "It can connect us in a way when we're not as connected as we normally are."

Read the full story on KSBW 8 News.

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