Two Florida Women Dressed Up as 'Grannies' to Get COVID Vaccine

Some people are going to extreme lengths to get the COVID-19 vaccine. Two women in Florida decided to dress up as grannies, so they could skip the line and be some of the first vaccinated.

According to KTLA their wacky getup included bonnets, gloves, and glasses. Workers at the Orange County Convention Center vaccine site noticed the women "looked funny" and stopped them before they could get their shots. They were actually in line for the second vaccine. It is unclear how they received the first shot.

One woman was 44 years old and the other was 34 years old. In Florida only adults ages 65 and up, healthcare workers and assisted living residents staff are eligible for the vaccine. This incident has been turned over to authorities, who issued a trespassing warning to the women. People trying to falsify their identities to get the shot is higher than expected . Security has been ramped up at the vaccination site as a result.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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