LA School Board Approves Plan to Cut Police Force

In a major overhaul of the Los Angeles School Police Department, the Board of Education on Tuesday approved a plan that cuts a third of its officers, bans the use of pepper spray on students, and diverts funds from the department to improve education of Black students.

According to KTLA the decision comes after the yearlong campaign to reimagine the school police force, which disproportionately targets Black and Latino children. "We would not be at this point, though it is delayed admittedly, without the community's leadership. I'm glad that the plan development also provided an opportunity for more engagement with our students, family, and the broader community." said board President Kelly Gomez.

The police overhaul provides funding for school "climate coaches" who will work to promote positive school culture and address implicit bias at every secondary school. This should have a positive impact on the community.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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