Local Brewery Erroneously Shutdown By LA County

Here is an email we got from Bart Avery, co-owner of the fantastic Lancaster spot Bravery Brewing Company.

My name is Bart Avery and my family and I own Bravery Brewing Company in Lancaster, CA. 
Yesterday Christopher Bedford of the Federalist published a story on the bullsh$$ that has been going on in Los Angeles County with us small business owners and in particular how an inspector came into our brewery on Superbowl Sunday and erroneously ordered us to shut down. Here is the link...
I am so pissed and ready to go on the offense. I believe this would be a great story for John and Ken and I would love to go on the air to talk about it.
All the best.

Hell yeah we wanted to speak to Bart ! What an absolute outrage that businesses like Bart's are being destroyed without any consequences to these hacks !

Listen to John and Ken talk to Bart Avery and if you are in the Lancaster area, stop by and support his place !!

KFI's Steve Gregory tweeted video showing this idiot LA County health inspector DANCING while shutting down Bart's brewery !

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