Woman Scammed Out of $100K by Con Artist Pretending to be Bruno Mars

2018 Billboard Music Awards - Show

A Texas woman was scammed out of $100,000 after she fell in love with a con artist pretending to be Bruno Mars, according to police.

The woman says she had an online relationship with the imposter she thought was Bruno Mars. She believed he was going to quit his tour to be with her. This scam isn't uncommon.

"They will spend months talking to people online. Sometimes they'll even borrow a little bit of money and return it to build up trust. They're not stupid people, these scammers. They are very much sophisticated con artists." says Houston County Asst. District Attorney Keith Houston.

Two Houston men have been arrested for allegedly being recruited by the scammers to open an account and deposit the victims money. They are still looking for the actual scammers themselves.

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