Will It Really Take Seven Years to End The Pandemic???

Most of us are hoping that the coronavirus pandemic will be over by the end of 2021...

Or yesterday.

But one database suggests that things won't truly return to normal for years to come!

Oh god.


Photo: Getty Images

According to a Bloomberg database tracking vaccines, they estimate it will take seven years before COVID-19 is completely under control worldwide -- meaning at least 75% of the global population is fully vaccinated.

Fortunately, the timetable is a lot faster for countries like the U.S., who could achieve herd immunity by 2022! Plus, keep in mind that the database doesn't account for natural immunity from people who are infected with COVID-19 and recover.

"The vaccines haven’t been authorized for use in children — those studies are currently underway. Our calculator, like the virus, includes children in the population needed to be protected," according to the Bloomberg vaccine tracker.

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Read the full report on Bloomberg.

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