Nine News Nuggets You Need To Know

When other news pushes stories from the show each day, they usually end up here in weekly Friday 'Nine News Nuggets You Need To Know' segment...

Today's nuggets include:

Honorable mention: Sacha Baron Cohen vows to have Rudy Giuliani contest Golden Globes results if 'Borat' doesn't win

#9: West Virginia woman tried faking death to avoid prison, later found hiding in her closet

#8: Wallet returned to San Diego man 53 years after he lost it in Antarctica

#7: Texas mistakenly issued Amber Alert listing 'Chucky' from 'Child's Play' as suspect

#6: Bank robber forced to remove pillowcase disguise after forgetting to cut eye holes

#5: Connecticut wants pizza to be its official state food, but New Jersey isn't having it

#4: Jamaica faces marijuana shortage as farmers struggle

#3: Pennsylvania men accused of hunting squirrels while high on marijuana

#2: Salma Hayek is developing 'A Boob's Life' TV show where a woman's breasts talk to her

#1: New bill would require porn filters on every cell phone sold in Utah...

Listen to Gary and Shannon discuss all of the nuggets below!

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