#SmallBusinessShoutout -- Downtown Apothecary

The ongoing Covid situation has affected local small businesses and many are struggling to stay open. In an effort to help those small businesses survive, we are featuring them in a segment we call #SmallBusinessShoutout!

Today we'd like to introduce you to Downtown Apothecary!

With locations in:

  • Downtown Riverside - 3615 Main Street #102 (across from the Mission Inn on the pedestrian walkway between Simple Simons and Prohibition)
  • Temecula - 32127 Temecula Parkway #B
  • Newport - 321 Marine Ave.
  • Sedona, Arizona -- Red Rock Apothecary - 276 North State Route 89A #E

...they are your one-stop shop for handmade soaps, body butter, bath bombs, shower steamers, hand sanitizer, candles, etc.

We wish this was Smell-O-Vision, because their products smell AMAZING!

Owner, Tonya Harper joined us today to talk about what they do and how you can show your support. Listen to that interview below.

For the Southern California locations, check out their website HERE and follow them on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook!

For the Sedona, Arizona location, here's their website and Instagram.

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