Meet Statler, The Oldest Living Fruit Bat In Captivity

Photo Courtesy: Bat World Sanctuary

It's the Great Bat Debate on the Gary & Shannon show. They say he's not cute, I say he's TOTALLY cute!

Meet Statler, he's a 33-year-old Indian Flying Fox fruit bat, believed to be the oldest fruit bat in captivity.

He is cared for by Bat World Sanctuary, a non-profit organization in Weatherford, Texas. The wonderful people at Bat World have been caring for him in their 'Geri-BAT-ric' ward with about 20 other elderly bats since 2018. He's been passed around from zoo to zoo for most of his life, losing an eye along the way and suffering many broken bones which contributes to the arthritis that leaves him unable to fly.

Even though Statler can't fly, he still THINKS he can, so his sanctuary friends help him with that every day by "assisting" him with flights around the sanctuary, while he flaps his wings. When he's not 'flying' he loves to snack on fruit or curl around his caretakers arm for a nap.

The Dodo recently featured his story, and it's gone viral on social media, with more than 1 million views.

So, here's the debate. Producer Michelle thinks he's adorable.....Gary & Shannon say, he's terrifying.


You can make a donation to help these wonderful people care for Statler and the 400 other bats in their care HERE.

Follow Bat World Sanctuary on Facebook, Instagram @batworldsanctuary and on Twitter at @batworld

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