Increased Social Media Is Leading to Depression

Studies show people who have increased their social media use are significantly more likely to develop depression within 6 months. According to Science Daily people who use over double the time of the average social media consumers are almost twice as likely to develop depression.

Which came first though, the chicken or the egg? Did depression come before social media or vice versa? Turns out, according to this study, depression is linked to how much social media you consume.

"One of the reasons for these findings may be that social media takes up a lot of time. Excess time on social media may displace forming more important in person relationships, achieving personal or professional goals, or even simply having moments of valuable refection." says Dr. Cesar Escobar-Viera, assistant professor of psychiatry at the University of Pittsburg and co-author on this study.

"Social media is often curated to emphasize positive portrayals. This can be especially difficult for young adults who are at critical junctures in life related to identity development and feel that they can't measure up to the impossible ideals they are exposed to." according to Jaime Sidani professor of medicine at the University of Pittsburg and co-author of this study.

Dr. Wendy suggest you take a social media break and make some phone calls. Get back in touch with real life. It has been confirmed. If you are suffering from depression, try stepping away from social media. It could do wonders.


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