Winter Storm Causes Mudslide in Orange County's Silverado Canyon

SILVERADO CANYON (CNS) - Multiple mudslides near the Silverado Canyonburn areas covered a road out of the canyon, keeping at least two television news crews from being able to leave the area this morning.

The slide along Silverado Canyon Road, near Sycamore Drive and Rancho Way, and close to the Silverado and Bond fire burn scars was first reported about 11 p.m. Thursday by Fox 11.

Mud covered the road about a mile from the Orange County Fire Authority station in the canyon about 11:40 p.m., NBC4 reported. A news van from the station was unable to leave until crews using bulldozers cleared the roadway.

Fox11 reporter Bill Melugin tweeted about 11:45 p.m. “We are currently trapped, but perfectly fine. Roads are impassible from multiple mudflows. Bulldozers on scene trying to clear it. Residents out in streets concerned about stability of other hills near their homes.''

Orange County sheriff's deputies are on scene and at least one home was evacuated, Fox 11 reported.

Photo: Getty Images

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