Suspect Willingly Hands Over I.D. During Robbery Attempt

A brazen attempt to rob a Chicago bank offered police pretty much all they’d need to know about the suspect.

That’s because Edner Flores, who demanded $10,000 in cash, willingly handed over his state-issued ID.

The 34-year-old would be robber scribbled “Armed” and “No die (sic) Packs” onto a deposit slip and gave it to a teller who activated a silent alarm before asking him to fill out a withdrawal slip.

His attempts to mislead the financial institution by writing “123456789” for his account number were derailed when he inexplicably complied with the teller’s request for identification.

He handed over his authentic state-issued ID card containing his legal name, photo, date of birth and driver’s license number.

When authorities responded to the silent alarm, Flores was still standing in front of the teller. Chicago cops arrested him and found a knife in his jacket pocket.

Flores has more than a dozen arrests on his record including allegations of trespassing, DUI and drug offenses.

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