Nine News Nuggets You Need To Know

When other news pushes stories from the show each day, they usually end up here in weekly Friday 'Nine News Nuggets You Need To Know' segment...

Today's nuggets include:

Honorable mention: North Caucasus Man Detained for Barbecue at WWII Eternal Flame

#9: Steven Cohen reassures Mets fans on his involvement in GameStop stock frenzy

#8: No tuna in Subway's tuna sandwiches and wraps, lawsuit claims

#7: Bumble will ban users for being ‘fat-phobic’ or ‘transphobic’

#6: Man Dies During Sex, 'Extreme Orgasm' Was The Apparent Cause Of Death

#5: Bandit the pet ferret survives being put through full 100-minute washing machine cycle

#4: Four Men Get Mouth Ulcers after Eating 30 Kg Oranges at Airport to Avoid Paying Extra Baggage Fee

#3: Sex robot with learning AI proclaims she is ‘more than a machine’

#2: Scientists FINALLY reveal why wombats poop in cubes

#1: Australian man reportedly attacks sex shop worker with used vibrator

Listen to Gary and Shannon discuss the nuggets below!

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