How Effective Is Johnson & Johnson's One-Shot Vaccine?

Johnson & Johnson has wrapped up clinical trials for its one-dose COVID-19 vaccine.

So... how effective is it?! Turns out, not as much as some of the other vaccines...

The company says it was 72% effective at preventing disease in the U.S., and 85% effective against severe disease.  That's a lot lower than the current Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, which are about 95% effective. On the flip side, the Johnson & Johnson vaccine requires only one shot, instead of two.

"Not a single person who got vaccinated, and had illness after four weeks, ended up in the hospital," Dr. Mathai Mammen, global head of pharmaceutical research and development at Johnson & Johnson, told NBC News. "This leads me to believe that this vaccine will stop this pandemic."

Photo: Getty Images

Despite the decreased effectiveness, Dr. Anthony Fauci says the vaccine can help reduce the overall stress on the U.S. healthcare system. Johnson & Johnson plans to apply for emergency authorization from the FDA next week.

Read the full report on Politico.

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