H*** Yeah! Researchers Say Swearing Could Be A Sign Of Intelligence

Do you think cursing is low-brow???

Well, if so... you're probably listening to the wrong show...

But if spicy language doesn't necessarily bother you, we have some great news!!! Researchers are now claiming that using swear words could actually be a sign of intelligence.

That's right, folks... INTELLIGENCE!!!

One study correlated a knowledge of swear words with better overall language skills.

"The advantages of swearing are many," said Timothy Jay, professor emeritus of psychology at the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts, who has studied swearing for more than 40 years.

Experts even say 'appropriate' swearing can be a sign of social intelligence -- but my question for those experts is, what isn't 'appropriate' swearing?!

"Having the strategies to know where and when it's appropriate to swear, and when it's not, is a social cognitive skill like picking the right clothes for the right occasion." Jay added. "That's a pretty sophisticated social tool."

People who curse have also been found to be more honest, more creative, and in some cases stronger and healthier. So go ahead! Go out there and curse somebody out today... in the name of self care!!!

Check out the whole damn report on WTOP News.

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