Who didn't see this coming? Gavin Newsom....

Assemblyman Jim Patterson who has been asking questions about this debacle for months put out this statement today:

Assembly Budget Committee Member Jim Patterson (R-Fresno) Tuesday afternoon made an official request that recommendations made by the California State Auditor to hold the Employment Development Department accountable be included in the 2021-2022 Budget. Including the recommendations into the budget is the fastest way to enact these important recommendations.
According to the Auditor, the EDD has known about their inability to process customer claims in a timely way for 10 years and did not address their systemic failures. For this reason and many others, the EDD was not prepared to provide services to the huge influx during the pandemic. However, according to the EDD, they wouldn’t have been prepared to serve additional customers created in an average economic downturn.

Jim talked to John & Ken about how dreadful this situation has become and who will be on the hook for this fiasco.

We think you know the answer....

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