Restaurant Owner Fights Back and Wins !

Meet Dana Tanner. She is the owner of a fantastic restaurant in Long Beach called RESTAURATION.

She was targeted by the local hack lunatic officials in Long Beach to close up her place after refusing to close up and let go of her staff.

The Long Beach Post has been covering Dana's story:

Dana Tanner, the owner of Restauration on Fourth Street, has continually refused to stop serving customers on her restaurant’s patio despite state and local health orders banning all dine-in service.
On Saturday afternoon, Long Beach shut off her gas in the hopes of forcing her to comply with COVID-19 rules—an unprecedented step for the city—which has already charged her with four misdemeanors and fined her six times for failing to comply.
Instead of closing, Tanner was back open by Sunday morning. She said she’d been working overnight to convert her kitchen to electricity.

Dana set up a gofundme page to help her with costs related to keeping her place open. Hopefully Dana and other local restaurants will get back to business with today's LA County re-opening plans. Listen to Dana talk to John & Ken about the chaotic situation at her restaurant over the weekend.

pics courtesy of Dana Tanner

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