Former TSA Agent Jailed After Tricking Woman to Expose Her Breasts at LAX

A former Transportation Security Administration agent will spend time behind bars after pleading no contest to false imprisonment charges.

The California attorney general’s office announced Jonathan Lomeli pleaded to one felony count and will be jailed for 60 days after tricking a woman into showing her breasts as part of a security check at Los Angeles International Airport. Lomeli also received two years' probation and will be required to attend 52 classes addressing sexual compulsion.

The victim told investigators that Lomeli said he had to look inside her bra and down her pants to ensure she wasn’t hiding anything. He also said he would take her to a private room for further screening. Prosecutors said, once on an elevator, Lomeli told the woman he could do the security screen there, ordering her to lift her shirt.

Prosecutors said he then told her she was free to go while telling her she had nice breasts.

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