At Least Four L.A. Area Law Enforcement Officers Attended D.C. Insurrection

LOS ANGELES (CNS) - A total of 31 law enforcement officers from 12 states have been identified as being at the deadly U.S. Capitol insurrection Jan. 6, including three Los Angeles police officers and at least one Los Angeles County Sheriff's deputy.

The four local law enforcement figures have not yet been identified by their respective departments yet.

The LAPD has so far publicly acknowledged at least one officer attended. Two more were reported in recent media accounts.

LAPD Chief Michel Moore ordered any LAPD personnel who traveled to Washington D.C. at the time of the riot to cooperate with federal authorities even if they did not take part in any illegal activity.

City News Service tried to reach LAPD's media relations unit regarding the two other officers reported in an Associated Press story but no one was available for comment.

"The department met yesterday (Jan. 11) with all off of our senior staff and we have instructed that if we learn of anyone who has traveled to this even, the president's remarks or was present in Washington D.C. on Jan. 6, that we're to identify them and identify their involvement," Moore told the media.

Moore has said he was aware of one LAPD employee who traveled there and participated by attending the speech of President Trump, but didn't participate in the violence that followed. He made no mention of the other two officers cited in Sunday's news story.

Meanwhile, at least one LASD deputy has admitted to being at the U.S. Capitol during the violent insurrection, LASD Sheriff Alex Villanueva told the media.

"I am very concerned  one of my deputies may have been involved in wrongdoing at the U.S. Capitol," Villanueva said. "I unequivocally condemn the violence that occurred in D.C. with the same resolve I condemned the rioting and looting after the killing of George Floyd," Villanueva said in a video message he released.

On Sunday, CNS contacted the LASD and asked them to name the deputy or at least identify the person's gender and explain the possible charges that deputy could face as a result of the insurrection. The LASD declined to provide that information.

"All information regarding any LASD personnel identified as possibly entering the capitol building has been shared with the handling agencies and an administrative investigation was being conducted," the department told CNS. "Due to the active investigation, no further comment can be made connected to the incident."

The riot at the capitol left five people dead including one woman who was shot to death by a capitol policeman and a capitol policeman -- Brian Sicknick - who was killed by members of the mob.

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