Wine Country Restaurants Sue Newsom

It's getting serious for Gavin Newsom. His beloved Wine Country peeps are suing because they are going under fast. 50 Northern California restaurant owners are suing, challenging the state to show scientific data supporting restrictions.

As you know, Newsom is a big wine guy but now his own people are getting screwed and going broke.

Check this out from Newsom's own winery's website:

Californians know him as the Governor. San Franciscans know him as their 42nd mayor. But we know Gavin Newsom as the founder of PlumpJack. Gavin started PlumpJack Wines in 1992, and under his leadership, the company grew to include many of the restaurants, wineries, and retail establishments in the current portfolio.

Carl Dene who owns restaurants and wineries in California explained the lawsuit to John & Ken. He told the SF Chronicle:

“Because our government and public health officials say it’s safe to get on an airplane but not to dine outside, there’s a percentage of the public that believes that we’re dangerous,” said coalition member Carl Dene, who is not sure how much longer his Calistoga cafe, Sam’s General Store, can last. “Every day I see the bank account getting closer and closer to zero. The 20-30% of sales I’m doing now compared to when there was outdoor dining isn’t going to sustain us.”

Listen to Carl talk to John & Ken about this lawsuit and how Newsom's lack of leadership and fairness is dooming these businesses.

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