Get Ready For Biden's Amnesty

Joe Biden's administration is hours away from signing a plan to legalize millions of illegal immigrants. Here we go again.

This time, with the Senate and House locked up for the Dems, there is nothing to stop it. You wanted Biden, you got Biden.

From Fox News:

The Washington Post reported Monday that the bill, to be unveiled on Inauguration Day Wednesday, would put illegal immigrants into protected status and a five-year pathway to a green card. If they meet certain conditions, such as payment of taxes and a background check, they could then be put on a three-year pathway to citizenship. Some estimates put the population of illegal immigrants at around 12 million as of 2015, other estimates are higher. 
The Associated Press, which also reported that the eight-year path is in the bill, noted that it would be one of the fastest pathways to citizenship for illegal immigrants in recent years.

Trump may have been nuts but he stopped this type of amnesty from happening. Now it will happen. Now we know the details.

Because the GOP are made up of a bunch of sorry hacks, amnesty will finally happen.

You can blame the Democrats all you want, but the GOP gets just as much blame.

Oh and by the way, another caravan from Honduras was on its way to our border but got halted in Guatemala today. But just know that the whole world knows Biden's administration is opening the country for everyone. Is this what you voted for...

From AP :

Republican lawmakers and conservative groups opposed President-elect Joe Biden’s forthcoming immigration plan Tuesday as massive amnesty for people in the U.S. illegally, underscoring that the measure faces an uphill fight in a Congress that Democrats control just narrowly.
In a further complication, several pro-immigration groups said they would press Biden to go even further and take steps such as immediate moratoriums on deportations, detentions and new arrests. Coupled with the discomfort an immigration push could cause for moderate Democrats, liberals’ demands illustrated the pressures facing Biden as four years of President Donald Trump’s restrictive and often harsh immigration policies come to an end.

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