Dating Apps Are Helping the FBI

Not all heroes wear capes! There are women out there who are using the dating app, Bumble, to lure unsuspecting rioters and turn them over to the FBI. Bumbles tagline is "where women make the first move," and that's exactly what these ladies are doing.

Bumble is taking action. Bumble issued a statement:

"Bumble prohibits content that encourages any illegal activity. We have taken action on accounts that have violated this policy and we are monitoring activity and will remove any users that have been confirmed as participants in the attack of the U.S. Capital."

Although Bumble is taking action against the terrorists, they aren't supportive of the catfishing sheroes either. Bumble temporarily removed its political filter to prevent the misuse. The internet is not pleased. According to twitter has been going off with tweets like,

"It definitely tells me Bumble is protecting insurrectionists, which is a gross look."

"bumble should be publicly congratulating the women who used their platform this way."

Bumble has not responded, but this is truly genius!

Photo credit: Getty images

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