Mayweather, Former Fiancee Settle Dueling Litigation

LOS ANGELES (CNS) - Floyd Mayweather Jr. and his ex-fiancée settled their dueling litigation in which she alleged the boxer publicly humiliated her with a social media posting of her pregnancy sonogram, a lawyer for Mayweather told a judge Thursday.

Mayweather had countersued the plaintiff, Shantel Jackson, alleging she secretly recorded telephone and in-person communications with the fighter, with whom she had a longtime relationship.

Mayweather attorney Robert J. Enders told Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Monica Bachner during a post-mediation status conference that the cases were resolved. No terms were divulged.

The settlement puts an end to years of litigation between the former couple that began when she filed suit in September 2014. Her claims were whittled down on appeal to a single cause of invasion of privacy, public disclosure of private facts.

Mayweather responded with his countersuit filed in November 2017.

Jackson disclosed her pregnancy to Mayweather and one friend, but did not share the information with her family, according to a prior ruling by Judge Suzanne Brugera, who previously managed the case before her retirement.

“She wanted to and did keep the fact that she was pregnant private,'' Brugera wrote.

Mayweather served two months in jail in 2012 after pleading guilty to reduced domestic battery charges stemming from a hair-pulling, arm-twisting attack on his former girlfriend, Josie Harris, while two of their three children watched.

Mayweather, now 43, was active from 1996 to 2015 and made a one-fight comeback in 2017. He won 15 major world titles during his career.

Photo: Getty Images

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