Dodger Stadium Mass Coronavirus Vaccination Site Opens

It's official! Dodger Stadium is open and the effort to mass vaccinate people against Covid started this morning.

At about 8am they started rolling out the vaccinations but the line to be inoculated formed way before then.

About 2,000 health workers registered through the Los Angeles County's website. Residents 65 and older are eligible to receive the vaccination, however they have to wait until at least 500,000 healthcare industry and nursing home workers get vaccinated first.

Officials hope to begin vaccinating the elders by early February. Once the stadium is fully open, it has the capacity to inoculate about 12,000 people per day.

There's also a big controversy over some local clinics who are distributing the vaccine. According to a TMZ report, several clinics were tossing vaccines into the trash when those who made appointments to get them never showed up. Instead of offering those vaccines to other people the clinics say they aren't allowed to vaccinate anyone who isn't on the county's "priority list." So in the trash they went.

But....isn't it better to vaccinate non-priority residents than to throw them in the garbage? The Health Department won't give a direct answer and L.A. County Supervisor Janice Hahn is outraged over this and wants this absurdity fixed IMMEDIATELY!

KFI News' Steve Gregory was on site at the stadium and talked to us about what's happening there, and he also got the latest from Supervisor Hahn about the tossed vaccine.

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