California Man Sues Twitter Over "Pain and Suffering" Caused by Trump Ban

A California man who made headlines last year by suing Twitch has his sights set on another social media giant.

In June, 2020 Erik Estavillo, a self-described sex addict, claimed Twitch’s video streaming of “scantily clad gamers” led to masturbation injuries. The lawsuit - reportedly seeking $25 million in damages - was tossed out.

Now he’s going after Twitter, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Rep. Ilhan Omar. And his demands have more than tripled.

Estavillo claims he has “no friends” and says social media is his only outlet to participate in political discourse. He also said the ban on President Trump’s Twitter account has caused him “overbearing pain and suffering.” As for Ocasio-Cortez and Omar, he’s calling for a retaliatory ban of their accounts saying they use the social media platform to “promote eastern communist philosophies.”

The 11-page legal document filed on Tuesday also calls for $88.7 million in compensation.

A Twitter spokesperson said the company had “no comment at this time.”

Estavillo, who has also unsuccessfully sued Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, and Blizzard Entertainment, says he’s planning more lawsuits against other social media companies that have suspended Trump's accounts.

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