#TechTalk -- Meet the ColdSnap, The Keurig of Ice Cream!

You remember when the Keurig came out and we all collectively said, "I wish I could get ice cream this quickly!"

Well now it's a reality!

ColdSnap is the new Keurig of ice cream. Sigma Phase at CES 2021 unveiled the ice cream making gadget Monday.

Coldsnap works very similarly to a Keurig but instead of a nice cup of joe, you get yummy single-serve pod-dispensed ice cream and other tasty treats too! Frozen margaritas, and mango passion fruit smoothies are just a few of the other sweet options that can be made with it.

The ColdSnap pods look like energy drink cans. The pods are made from aluminum instead of plastic, which is great for the environment and much easier to recycle. Each pod also has a built in QR code and a mixer to ensure you get the right consistency for the pod you are making. It starts off as a liquid mixer and amazingly within minutes it dispenses ice cream.

The device will fit right on your countertop, but you might need someone to help you lift it, it weighs in at a whopping 50 pounds!

Gary and Shannon get the whole scoop on the ColdSnap and the rest of the cool CES gadgets with Marc Saltzman. Check it out below

Photo credit: Getty Images

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