National Mall Will Be Closed On Inauguration Day Over Security Concerns

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Officials are planning to close down the National Mall on Inauguration Day due to security concerns. The Mall, which is traditionally where large crowds gather to watch the President take the oath of office on large screens, will only be open for members of the media and security personnel.

That move will shut out several groups that were granted permits to demonstrate, including one that expected 5,000 people to show up for a "free speech demonstration against the inauguration." It is unclear if those groups will cancel their protests or find another place to gather.

A decision has not been made when the Mall will officially close down, but it could happen before January 20.

Local and federal law enforcement agencies are working around the clock to secure the nation's capital after a group of Trump supporters stormed the halls of Congress on January 6. Authorities are concerned that planned right-wing protests could turn violent and are creating a massive security perimeter throughout Capitol Hill known as the downtown security zone.

The National Guard has been deployed to Washington, D.C., and around 20,000 troops are expected to be on hand to provide security. Some members of the National Guard will be armed with lethal weapons.

To keep people away from the area, D.C. Metro announced it will be shuttering 13 rail stations and altering bus routes.

Photo: Getty Images

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